The MBA for a Digital World

Take on tomorrow – today.


The labor market itself is now quite different. Technology is not only automating ever more jobs and increasing the skill gaps for the jobs that remain; it is changing the very nature of work and giving us ever less time to adapt.
How U.S companies can fill the skills gap.Fortune

THE SOLUTION: A different kind
of Master's Degree

Built to propel professionals forward. ISDI isn’t here to teach you what to think, we’re here to teach you how to think, and how to adapt to change.

Unique In-Person Program An intensive nine-month curriculum that integrates a comprehensive view of digital business disciplines. Broken into 16 distinct modules, the Master’s Degree in Internet Business (MIB) covers everything from Analytics to Digital Marketing to UX Design – everything a leader must know to stay current in an age of digital business

Silicon Valley’s Leading Experts Accomplished digital leaders from Silicon Valley work in partnership with professionals across the globe to equip students (MIBers) with the skills and knowledge to propel careers and organizations forward

Prepares MIBers for the real world A non-traditional approach that extends beyond the four walls of the classroom, focusing on real world applications through the Backbone project and building meaningful networks, fostering and positioning graduates to succeed in any industry.

Perpetuum Mobile

Once a MIBer, forever a MIBer.
Always stay connected through the MIBer network with over 1,000 graduates and 5,000+ professionals worldwide. The MIB is not just a degree, it’s a living, breathing ecosystem of community, opportunity, jobs, knowledge, and much, much more.

Aitor Grandes
Aitor Grandes
CEO/Founder of 24symbols
"I am not exaggerating when I say that the Master’s in Internet Business has represented a before and after both personally and professionally. I am proud to form part of the first #MIBers to venture out on this exciting adventure. I continue to collaborate with the MIB as well as working intensively on the startup I created during my time as a student, and so I cannot but invite you all to take part in our Digital Optimism."
Pablo Arana
Pablo Arana
Google Global Strategy & Operations
"I can guarantee you that the MIB has been a great vehicle to move forward my professional development. This is time well invested."
Tolga Öncu
Tolga Öncu
"It was a fantastic experience, very inspiring and very eye opening…It opens up your mind to think beyond your own time and position. The networking is really, really great, I must say."
Mariana Aranguren
Mariana Aranguren
"If I had to do it again, I would do it without any kind of doubt."