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The Master’s Degree in Internet Business (MIB)

A Unique In-Person Program A nine-month comprehensive and intensive curriculum that integrates all digital business disciplines, covered in 16 modules.

Taught by Leading Professionals Optimized by Silicon Valley’s most accomplished digital leaders and delivered in partnership with digital professionals to equip students (MIBers) with the skills and knowledge needed to propel their careers and organizations forward.

Prepares MIBers for the real world A non-traditional approach that extends beyond the four walls of the classroom, focusing on real world applications through the Backbone project and building meaningful networks, fostering and positioning graduates to succeed in any industry.

Backbone Project

The Backbone project is a multi-skilled and hands-on exercise in which students digitize a company and apply skills they learn throughout the Master’s program. Students will learn to:

  • Create an integrated digital marketing plan
  • Apply digital identity to social networks
  • Understand and implement service design
  • Develop sales and customer service functionalities
  • Build a communication strategy and advertising action plan
  • Integrate mobile internet and other platforms
  • Formulate a SEO and SEM optimization plan

Beyond the Classroom

ISDI students work closely with an intimate network of professors and fellow students to grow and thrive beyond the classroom in the digital world and the ISDI ecosystem (community of MIBers). The ISDI and student relationship continues beyond graduation.

Mentoring Services We help you to identify personal opportunities in Silicon Valley to increase your employability or to launch your own company.

Talent Board Our connection to digital companies in Silicon Valley provides visibility to the best opportunities.

Networking Stay connected and be part of an evolving ecosystem of MIBers. Gain access to accomplished digital professionals, leading companies involved in the processes of digital transformation and thought leaders at ISDI Talk sessions.

Continued Education Keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in the digital environment with refresher workshops and access to future content via the ISDI library, exclusively for MIBers.

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